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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Have a Coke and a Smile

We never lived together, but I always kept things in my apartment that my ex could nibble on or drink when he visited. He particularly liked Coke and would often help himself to one, though he never bought them for himself.

I used to buy the 12 packs of Coke. What the hell? They're like what, $3?

He had a key to my apartment but I had always assumed that he didn't let himself in when I wasn't there. He had it because he worked later than me and when he spent the night he'd lock the door behind him the next morning.

I came home one day and noticed that some things were out of place. At first it freaked me out a little...had my landlord been in my apartment while I was out? Why didn't he tell me? I had talked to my ex earlier that day and he didn't make any mention of being in my apartment...

I looked around and nothing seemed to be missing....until....I opened the refrigerator. My Coke 12 pack was now a 9 pack. Hmmmm. I called my ex and asked 'Were you in my apartment today?' He responded, 'Yeah. I wanted to use your high speed service.' Then I asked, 'It's no big deal, but did you drink a lot of Coke?' He responded, 'Yeah. I took a couple with me, too.'

Um, since when was my refrigerator your convenience store?


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