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When you care about someone and they’re cheap with you financially and emotionally, it'll do nothing but bring down your self-worth and self-esteem. We learned valuable lessons about equality in relationships and what NOT to put up with. Thanks to all the cheap pricks who made this site possible. We may not have gotten a lot from you, but what we did get is a good laugh. At your expense! Send your story to

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Ice Man Cometh

There are so many tales to choose from, but I’m going to start with my favorite. I broke up with ex-boyfriend -- let’s call him CHAD (number one, because I find that name very funny and number two, because it’s one letter away from CHUD) – and we decided he would move out of my house in two weeks. The first thing he did was complain about how he was going to have to live in a one bedroom apartment and…gasp!...have to take on a roommate, in contrast to the pretty sweet arrangement he had with me, paying one quarter of the mortgage, while having someone cook and clean for him (not to mention do all the yard work). Let’s just skip the “what was I thinking” part to the rest of the story. Anyway, I was supposed to feel guilty about his reduced circumstances because he chose to have a shitty job and didn’t make much money. Anyway, he did move out within the deadline and I figured well, that’s that. Then, one day, I went to iron something and it was missing. Odd, I thought. I just figured I put it somewhere else and forgot about it. A few days later, I went into my freezer to get ice and all the ice trays but one were missing. Ok, clearly, I did not misplace the ice trays! Was I going crazy? Then, I got it. CHAD had taken the iron…and the ice trays. I didn’t think I needed to change the locks. He’d been letting himself in while I was at work without telling me. I emailed him and accused him of taking my ice trays. His defense? He needed ice trays! Yes, instead of paying $1 for his own ice trays, he drove all the way to my house to steal them. Does it get any cheaper than that? Well, yes, probably. I had the locks changed the very next day!

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  • At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Whoa. I'm glad my ex gave me my key back. I can rest easy knowing my ice cube trays are safe.

  • At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Jentastic said…

    Dude, that's cold. Get it? Cold? Get it?

    Seriously though, according to froogle, he could have bought some trays for 79 cents.

    I certainly hope you splurged and bought yourself the very nice Rubbermaid trays. They're more than a dollar but they're worth it.

  • At 1:06 PM, Blogger dirtyweekender said…

    ...and your syrupy sweet coke...

    ---- an outpouring of kindness, friends bought me ice trays left and right...

  • At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Where did you find it? Interesting read » »


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