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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thanks To Everyone Who Helped Make This Record

Long before we broke up, my ex had put together an album. I was so excited about this album that I not only shot hundreds of photos for the cover, but I also PAID for these to be developed by a professional printer.

These photo shoots were done over the course of several weekends. Not only did I give up a good part of my weekends, but I also arranged for us to shoot at a location where we had to get permission ( A HUGE HASSLE - keep in mind this is a photo for *his* album yet I was the one who arrange the shoot), and even baked cookies for the woman who was kind enough to let us shoot at this location.

The album had already been sent off to print by the time we broke up. I knew he had included me in the photo credits and the 'thanks' credits when he sent it off. But when I saw his album a few months ago, I looked at the 'thanks' credits and saw that he went through the trouble of having my name taken off the thanks credits and filled in the space where my name used to be (in a different font) with a custom car group from Switzerland??

Forget that I went to all but two (2) of his many shows, often helped him carry his gear in and out of gigs, arranged and conducted the photo shoots, paid hundreds of dollars in processing AND hooked him up with one of my friends who played on his album. He was MAD! He was going to SHOW ME!! He now had real PUNK ROCK ANGER! So THERE!

The bastard lineage of his rampant immaturity remains a mystery since his parents are kind, giving and classy people. After we broke up, they didn't take me off their Christmas card list.... instead, they wrote me a lovely message and wished me happy holidays.


  • At 6:18 PM, Blogger Silver Zephyr said…

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  • At 6:25 PM, Blogger dirtyweekender said…

    if it makes you feel any better, i also had a boyfriend in a band that sounds mysteriously similar the one which you describe. and despite all the support and gear carryin' & what not, i didn't get thanked at all on the first album. i really can't remember on the 2nd. i think i may have stopped caring. and he wasn't even mad at me - just that inconsiderate! also, his shows required neccessary attendance. mine, not so much. cause, you know, i'm a girl. and everyone know we suck.

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