My Ex Was A Cheapskate

When you care about someone and they’re cheap with you financially and emotionally, it'll do nothing but bring down your self-worth and self-esteem. We learned valuable lessons about equality in relationships and what NOT to put up with. Thanks to all the cheap pricks who made this site possible. We may not have gotten a lot from you, but what we did get is a good laugh. At your expense! Send your story to

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Is Your Mate A 'Skate?

From my friend…oh, let’s call her…Debby H…who claims that there is a sure fire test to see if your mate is a ‘skate:

Call on your way home from work and ask your potential moochie if they will pick up something for you to eat for dinner. If they say, “I’m not hungry, why don’t you just pick up something for yourself”, call back in about fifteen minutes and tell them, “Oh, I’m at (restaurant)” -- do you want anything? If they place an order, you know what you’ve got!