My Ex Was A Cheapskate

When you care about someone and they’re cheap with you financially and emotionally, it'll do nothing but bring down your self-worth and self-esteem. We learned valuable lessons about equality in relationships and what NOT to put up with. Thanks to all the cheap pricks who made this site possible. We may not have gotten a lot from you, but what we did get is a good laugh. At your expense! Send your story to

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Man Decides on Definition of Independant Woman

My ex, Mike, was really anal about money from the get-go. He kept harping on how it's the 21st century and how an Independant Woman should be able to pay her way. We always went Dutch on everything. Sometimes I even just flat out paid cos I didn't want to be figuring out a bill at IHOP! We dated for a little over a month. After we broke up, he sent me a letter that detailed all he had spent on me, flowers, cards, gas, prime time cell phone minutes---everything. I sent him a bill back which quadrapuled his and included all the expenses on my part for our dates; outfits I bought, make-up, nails, primping time etc. as well as the additional costs that I incurred at my sister's couch getting advice. Needless to say, I never heard from him again.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Drive-Thru Depreciation

From Christine.

Wait a second -- does your husband KNOW about your blog???


"I am a very generous person. Since, dear readers, you don't know me, you'll just have to take my word for it. I give liberally to charity, overtip and spoil my family members with expensive gifts. I love spending money. Fortunately, I do have some self control and manage to save an acceptable portion of my income before I do my on line shopping or splurge on the latest Prada accessory.

My husband John and I do not share money which I have mentioned before. As his contribution to the household, he pays the utilities each month. Mainly because I refuse to support him totally. It is the principal of the thing.

Anyway, John benefits greatly from my generous spirit and love for spending and gift giving. Not only do I feed and cloth him, I have given him thousands of dollars worth of music equipment and paid for expensive vacations. On occasion, this practice does make me a bit bitter. Especially when it is just assumed that I am picking up the check every where we go. Last night to celebrate my daughter's kindergarten graduation (yea Anna!!), we went to dinner at a nice seafood restaurant in town. As we were driving, I mentally decided that John was picking up the tab for the nights festivities.

"Are you ready to order" inquired the server glancing at me.

"Yes, John replied. "I will have the lobster tail with a side of crap legs, a side salad with blue cheese dressing and can I see a wine list?"

I bend over and whisper to John, "I didn't bring my wallet so dinner's on you tonight". Okay so I lied, sue me.

"Ummm, waiter, I changed my mind, I will have the fish and chips and water with lemon" John corrected rapidly.

"And Madam, have you decided?"

"Yes, I will have what he originally ordered, that sounded delicious".

Bargain Basement Boom Box & Tawdry Teddy

An addendum to S.'s post:

"I'm the one whose ex-husband took me to Burger King on our wedding day. I also should've mentioned that while we were dating, he only gave me stolen gifts. He worked at the ship store on the navy boat. He stole me a teddy bear and a cd walkman. For Christmas, he had his friend charge a boom box for me on his credit card and he never paid him back. A few months later, he wanted me to give it back because his friend was bugging him, Instead, I carved my initials in it and told him "Oh sorry, I don't think he can return it.".


Now, us Dirty Weekenders wish we could say, "Oh, we would have never put up with that!" and stick our little noses in the air. But we DID. Both of us. So dear readers, please do not fall into the same traps that some of the best of us do. Ditch these decidely dud-like dudes before they squeeze every last penny out of you and damage your self respect!

Her Cheap Ex Husband

From S: Ex-husbands count too, right?

Dirty Weekenders: Hell yeah they count. Exs of any variety (and also, any gender) count!

Her sad tale:

"Let me tell you about our wedding day. First of all, he only married me because he was in the Navy and he wanted to make the extra money- of which I never saw a dime. On our wedding day, we both worked. Around 5 pm, we had a minister and his wife as a witness come to our apartment to marry us. We didn't tell any family or friends. After we were married, the cheap son of a bitch took me to BURGER KING for a 99cent whopper. I'm not kidding you. Then, the next day, he had to leave on a 2 month cruise. I had just moved to Virginia to be with him and I had no job yet, or friends or family there. He stocked the cabinets with things like ramen noodles and rice and beans, and he left me with FIVE dollars for anything else I might need for two months! I wasn't allowed to use his precious car. I had to walk up the highway and apply for jobs until I found one. He never paid for us to get the phone turned on, so I had to go to a payphone everyday and call to see if I was hired. I had to bring Ramen noodles to work everyday for lunch and eat rice and beans until I received my first paycheck 2 weeks later. Oh, I could go on and on, but that's the best example of how cheap he was. I'm proud to call him my EX-husband!"

Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Cheap Musician Boyfriend? NO WAY!

Ah, musicians...on with the drummer jokes.

From our friend, Janet:

"My ex, who is a solo musician and artist in Chicago and 39 when we were dating, was a total cheapskate. We always split the bill every time we went out to eat, which was fine with me, but this one time we were at a restuarant and I put down a twenty, and he said, "Thanks for dinner." Just like that. Like he assumed that I was paying. Then he decided to be nice and take me out -- to Popeye's for $3.99 fried chicken. It was good, and we went back to his place to wind down. He asked me for a back rub and I told him "Later." Then, he raised his eyebrow and reminded me that he paid for dinner. I stopped taking his calls not too long after that."

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Give Us Some Luv, Ya'll!

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