My Ex Was A Cheapskate

When you care about someone and they’re cheap with you financially and emotionally, it'll do nothing but bring down your self-worth and self-esteem. We learned valuable lessons about equality in relationships and what NOT to put up with. Thanks to all the cheap pricks who made this site possible. We may not have gotten a lot from you, but what we did get is a good laugh. At your expense! Send your story to

Monday, June 13, 2005

Bargain Basement Boom Box & Tawdry Teddy

An addendum to S.'s post:

"I'm the one whose ex-husband took me to Burger King on our wedding day. I also should've mentioned that while we were dating, he only gave me stolen gifts. He worked at the ship store on the navy boat. He stole me a teddy bear and a cd walkman. For Christmas, he had his friend charge a boom box for me on his credit card and he never paid him back. A few months later, he wanted me to give it back because his friend was bugging him, Instead, I carved my initials in it and told him "Oh sorry, I don't think he can return it.".


Now, us Dirty Weekenders wish we could say, "Oh, we would have never put up with that!" and stick our little noses in the air. But we DID. Both of us. So dear readers, please do not fall into the same traps that some of the best of us do. Ditch these decidely dud-like dudes before they squeeze every last penny out of you and damage your self respect!


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