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Monday, June 13, 2005

Drive-Thru Depreciation

From Christine.

Wait a second -- does your husband KNOW about your blog???


"I am a very generous person. Since, dear readers, you don't know me, you'll just have to take my word for it. I give liberally to charity, overtip and spoil my family members with expensive gifts. I love spending money. Fortunately, I do have some self control and manage to save an acceptable portion of my income before I do my on line shopping or splurge on the latest Prada accessory.

My husband John and I do not share money which I have mentioned before. As his contribution to the household, he pays the utilities each month. Mainly because I refuse to support him totally. It is the principal of the thing.

Anyway, John benefits greatly from my generous spirit and love for spending and gift giving. Not only do I feed and cloth him, I have given him thousands of dollars worth of music equipment and paid for expensive vacations. On occasion, this practice does make me a bit bitter. Especially when it is just assumed that I am picking up the check every where we go. Last night to celebrate my daughter's kindergarten graduation (yea Anna!!), we went to dinner at a nice seafood restaurant in town. As we were driving, I mentally decided that John was picking up the tab for the nights festivities.

"Are you ready to order" inquired the server glancing at me.

"Yes, John replied. "I will have the lobster tail with a side of crap legs, a side salad with blue cheese dressing and can I see a wine list?"

I bend over and whisper to John, "I didn't bring my wallet so dinner's on you tonight". Okay so I lied, sue me.

"Ummm, waiter, I changed my mind, I will have the fish and chips and water with lemon" John corrected rapidly.

"And Madam, have you decided?"

"Yes, I will have what he originally ordered, that sounded delicious".


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